Our main priority is to offer, safe and superior quality products and services through safely demonstrated operations without any injury to personnel and with no harm to environment.We understand that the sustainability of our business also depends on how we interact with our world.We want to build enduring relationships with government, customers, partners, suppliers and communities we work with.All our activity is guided by our vision: “To be welcomed as a good corporate neighbor in our communities; to keep our ecosystem sustainable; to provide demonstrable social and economic benefits through sustainable relationships, sustainable technology and sustainable sourcing; and to validate our progress through transparency and reporting.”

Azorel is a leading manufacturer of drilling fluids in Azeri market. This policy covers all activities and operations of Azorel within the scope indicated above. We believe that long-term business success of our Company will be based on our ability to continually improve the quality of our products while protecting personnel and the environment. This commitment is in the best interests of our customers, our employees and those in the communities in which we work and live. We are committed to: Meeting our customers’ expectations, the first time and every time, through the application of proven quality principles at all levels of our production process. Protection of the health and safety of people while working under our control. Continual Improvement of the quality of our products and methods of product delivery. Compliance with legal, statutory and other requirements. Applying Risk-based thinking to our activities. Top management is committed to take accountability for the effectiveness of the Quality Management system and to ensure the Quality Policy and Quality Objectives are established for the Quality Management system and are compatible with the context of the organization and the strategic direction of the organization. The Quality policy and its revisions will be integrated at all levels of the Company and its achievement is the responsibility of management with the active support of all our employees.